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The RIGPLAY Motion Personalizer is funded by EU funds as part of the 4/1.2/2019/POIR GameINN Competition, Priority I: Support for enterprise R&D work, Action 1.2 Sectoral R&D Programs, Operational Program Smart Growth 2014-2020 (POIR.01.02.00-00-0174/20) 'RIGPLAY Motion Personalizer – an automated, easy-to-use system based on AI and motion capture data for generating character animations along with a motion characteristic editor.'


The result of the project is aimed at game development studios, mostly small and medium-sized, which are interested in improving the quality of their products by using outstanding character animations.


The RIGPLAY Motion Personalizer will provide democratization of the highest quality motion animations, where even small independent creators will be able to quickly and easily personalize the movement of their characters.

● Value of the project: 11,210,431.02 Polish Zloty

● Contribution of European Funds: 8,483,813.15 Polish Zloty

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